Best Space Saver Elliptical for Your Money

Not all of us have mansions. Space is tight for most people. If you don’t have a spare room or live in a small apartment, this article will show you the best space saver elliptical for your money.

Fold Up Elliptical

Even though serious elliptical trainers will tell you that the Gazelle Edge is not a real elliptical machine, it is probably the most famous fold up and store away elliptical machine. This goes for $100 in most places. Nonetheless, with the capability of folding the foot platforms and sliding the frame into a relatively flat area of space, it provides a convenient method of storage.

Fold Up Elliptical Example

Complete details are provided in the owner’s manual.

Folding Elliptical Machine

A folding elliptical machine generally means you can lift up the pedals and motor to save space. It’s not as compact as a fold up and takes up significantly more space than a mini elliptical. However, it provides a traditional elliptical workout. In this case, it bests both the fold up and mini ellipticals. Although reviews were mixed, one of the most popular was the Proform 850 Spacesaver Elliptical as shown in the picture below.

Folding elliptical machine example

The major roadblock for a lot of people will be the price. Full size folding ellipticals cost about the same as other elliptical machines.

The concept was good, and we’re hoping that the folding elliptical makes a comeback. It offers the best hybrid solution of power and storage ability.

Mini Elliptical Trainer

If the fold up and folding elliptical machines are still too big for you, how about one that easily fits in your closest and slides under your bed? Mini elliptical trainers are basically a miniature version of their much larger bigger brother machines. They primarily consist of a one piece foot unit with minimal assembly. These are priced between $100-$200, so it shouldn’t break your wallet.

Mini elliptical trainer example

The downside is with a motor much smaller than full size elliptical machines, they do not provide higher resistances. But if space constraints are your primary concern, the mini elliptical shines with the ability to be stowed away easily.


Which one is best for you depends on your goal. What are you hoping to achieve? A light workout? Something more intensive? What are your space constraints?

With that said, in terms of bang for your buck, we have to go for the mini elliptical. They’re small enough for you to carry to the office with you. And most modern ones track calories burned.

A full size elliptical machine takes up a lot of space. For some of people, it might be better to just borrow a friend’s or use the gym’s.

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